Heliwing is a helicopter company dedicated to quality and service. The company was formed in 1988 to carry out multi-function tasks that include cargo lifting, live-line insulator washing and electrical live-line maintenance and construction.

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Heliwing can provide a wide range of helicopters and has available experienced personnel and equipment to carry out specialist helicopter operations and role training.

The Company has Civil Aviation Authority Approved written procedures, a work-crew training scheme with qualified instructors, a safety policy and comprehensive insurance cover for flight crew and third party.

Heliwing is a member of the New Zealand Aviation Industry Association (AIA):

  • Air Transport Division
  • Helicopter Division
  • Agricultural Division
  • Training Division

The Managing Director is a committee member of the Helicopter, Air Transport and low-level Aerial Agricultural Divisions and is also an Aviation Safety Councillor and Flight Training Examiner.

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Accident Free Record

Due to stringent safety policies, Heliwing has an accident free record relating to any employees, contractors or third parties.

Company Documentation, Safety Rules and Policies

  • All Heliwing line-work procedures conform to IEEE International Standards
  • Equipment approvals
  • Civil Aviation approved Operations and Maintenance Manuals
  • Civil Aviation approved Quality Assurance programme
  • Specific operations directives
  • Occupational contractor and work crew training directives
  • Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Manual:
    • Safe working procedures
    • Training
    • Supervision
    • Accident prevention
    • Hazard identification