Heliwing Personnel

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The Heliwing team are helicopter professionals devoted to operating a safe and efficient service.   Heliwing employs some of the most highly skilled, experienced pilots in the world each with thousands of hours of precision flying experience.  

Experienced with medium to heavy-lift helicopters, the pilots have flown in many countries and their knowledge includes abiding by social and traditional local customs.

Managing Director Captain Denis Hartley’s managerial skills and flight experience in helicopter live-line maintenance and construction drive this progressive company.

Captain Hartley is highly experienced with multi-function roles including fixed wing and helicopter agricultural spraying and topdressing, passenger charter, conductor-stringing, long-line sling work, fire fighting, high ravine mountainous region operations, pest control shooting, live animal capture, power line and telecommunication maintenance, air ambulance and search and rescue tasks.

Denis has carried out more than 1,000 mercy missions since his helicopter-flying career began and has accumulated over 20,000 hours flying time, including twin engine and medium lift helicopter experience. He has instructed pilots in both fixed and rotary wing aircraft and has flight examiner status to carry out flight competency checks. Denis' flight instruction includes training pilots in New Zealand, Australia and Asia to fly power line maintenance, insulator washing operations and other aerial work.

Heliwing is a helicopter company dedicated to quality and service. The company was formed in 1988 to carry out multi-function tasks that include cargo lifting, live-line insulator washing and electrical live-line maintenance and construction.