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Heliwing is a helicopter company dedicated to quality and service. The company was formed in 1988 to carry out multi-function tasks that include cargo lifting, live-line insulator washing and electrical live-line maintenance and construction.

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Heliwing can provide a wide range of helicopters and has available experienced personnel and the equipment to carry out specialist helicopter operations and role training.

The Heliwing team are helicopter professionals devoted to operating a safe and efficient service. Heliwing employs some of the most highly skilled, experienced pilots in the world each with thousands of hours of precision flying experience.  

Heliwing has specific equipment available for all conducted operational tasks:

  • Electrical and telecommunication construction
  • Human-under-slung inspection and maintenance
  • Electrical live-line maintenance
  • Electrical live-line insulator washing
  • Concrete skip under-slung cargo operations
  • Conductor stringing

The Company has Civil Aviation Authority Approved written procedures, a work-crew training scheme with qualified instructors, a safety policy and comprehensive insurance cover for flight crew and third party

Heliwing has developed innovative and proven cost-saving methods to assess, construct and maintain power line conductors and structures...

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Heliwing offers electrical line insulator washing services, on both live and non-live lines. The Unique Directional nozzle delivers a high-pressure water jet...

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Conductor joint testing and inspection, Conductor joint replacement, Conductor spacer replacement, Fitting conductor corrosion monitor and detector, Conductor splicing ....

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